Are You Looking For the Best States for Hunting Whitetails?

Whitetails’ hunting is one of the greatest games that most hunters want to challenge. This is because deer are exalted animals which you can see in the deep woods, farmlands, grasslands, swamps, etc. Although there are several sorts of deer found in the world, whitetails are the most interested in.

They often live in North America, Southern Canada, and some regions in South America. In theory, you know some places to hunt whitetails, but do you know the best states to catch them around the US? This would be one of the most important things in a hunter’s plan. Here are a few places you should not miss out.



Some people could surprise that Kentucky is the number one in the whitetail’s hunting list. They even do not believe this is a truth. The fact is that most experienced hunters often hide this secret as they are a bit jealous. They do not want others to know and enter to this place because whitetails are limited. This is also the reason why whitetails are becoming precious in Kentucky.

Sorts of whitetails are healthy, large, and well-balanced in held so that deer hunters always want to land off this land. You totally can hunt in the public lands and get a few bucks on your cart even if you are not a professional.



Indiana is another state in the Midwestern region that most hunters often use their radars to seek whitetails. Though they can receive a 0.84% chance for you to reach whitetails, this percentage is higher than any state in the US.

This state is also in the top 10 of the hunting places for all hunters over the last decade. It has great factors for them to shoot whitetails such as the climate, the regulations, and the public lands, etc.



It is said that Missouri is a new start in the outdoor list in recent years. Lots of online social media and TV shows often mention Missouri as their hunting list for deer hunters. Why is Missouri famous? This is because the state has several public lands for deer hunting and the pressure level is reasonable.


Illinois is also a great land for catching several bucks that you should ignore. Though this is one of the most expensive states for all non-locals, lots of deer hunters are willing to pay for this worthy investment on their journey. They have to pay nearly $500 in one hectare of land only! Come on, you cannot count how many of deer in this region….


Kansas is the land of OZ. Between 2005 and 2010; Kansas provides the third best opportunity of any state to win the deer hunting game for every hunter.

Advanced hunters can increase their amazing feeling to shoot a mature buck while novices enable to practice their skills and count a lot of deer on their cart at the same time. This is a huge chance for everyone to jump onto their targets!

Nonetheless, Kansas is also an expensive place for non-locals like Illinois. On the other hand, Kansas does not provide enough public lands for welcoming all hunters from countries to the world. Their lands are limited! They have only 420,000 acres are opened for public hunting structure.

It also means that you should not make your dream comes true in a private land in Kansas. Do not panic about it!


Iowa is not a famous land for hunting, but some hunters can get a lot of bucks after closing a deer hunting season.

Fortunately, they do not have to bring an empty cart to their home! However, beginners should not take this place for the first place in their lifetimes. Oh my, there are a lot of issues which are waiting for them behind. The public lands are limits (260,000 hectares only), the regulations are tightened, and the costs are so expensive for non-locals.

If you do not want your heart takes a risk, then you should not try it for the first period of time. Lots of bucks, on the other hand, could be a good state to land off. For those who do not want to hunt in a chaotic environment, this is a great chance to perform your talent!


Mississippi has 514,000 hectares for those who are not locals to hunt whitetails with the lowest rates for hunting fees (about $137) in the nation. These two points make Mississippi is one of the best places for making whitetail hunting’s dream come true!


This is a state has more hectares than Iowa or Kansas. It means that you enable to hunt whitetails as many as you wish. Everything is larger in Texas with more than 300,000 bucks in 2011 for every hunter. The public lands have 1.6 million, so you are free on these when you have enough time and effort to challenge.


Someone will surprise a little bit that Georgia is also on the best places to go with whitetail’s hunting. They still have more than 50% of catching bucks in the public lands.


Wisconsin has about 6 million of public lands; you do not have to concern about land shortage issue. You always have enough space for your hunting site in this state. Even if you are non-residents, the deer hunting cost is not over $200. With both 2 reasons, does it satisfy you to make a chance to breathe in this land for this season?


Ohio is a silent place to get experience on your own. Take a cup of coffee or tea and prepare your deer hunting session. You do not need to rush because bucks do not run when seeing humans. Take it slowly is also not a bad idea to catch deer in Ohio. Of course, public lands always go around the area that you should find.

In fact, the article is expressed my opinions and experiences about the whitetails hunting. You do not have to follow all states on my list. You just select some in your list and feel your own. Then, you probably draw your list like me!

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