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Have you ever wonder about an iPad fish finder? These products now have the ability to work with your tablet and smartphones. The most popular fish finder products on the market are the ones that could be used with hull mounted transducer. These products have been improved dramatically since the beginning days. They now have a lot of powerful features. Their limitations are that they could be only used with a mounted transducer on a boat and you must a lot of money to get a good performance.

The next things on the list are smartphone fish finders. Those small products enable anglers with cheaper boats to have the ability to use fish finder devices on their fishing trips. They normally have a proportionately smaller power, but for someone who needs sonar capacity without a boat, they are awesome units.

Mobile fish finders could communicate with your devices, either tablet or phone, via WiFi or Bluetooth so that you can monitor them on your devices. This is done thank the companion app you install on your devices and most of them are compatible with Android and iOS.

Mobile fish finder units are usually small, some even could fit on your palm, giving anglers wonderful flexibility with a small form while having many amazing features from traditional products. They give sonar capacity to the anglers who own small boats like kayak, canoe or those who stay on the shore. This brings more possibilities for shore fishermen. In the middle of brush piles, beneath piers or bridges, you can now use the advantages of sonar from the shore to scout easily.

One very amazing features is that you could cast these units from your rod using just normal hook loop. Some products could be used as flashers when ice fishing. They are very simple to set up and use, all you need are small products and a mobile app.


There are some things you should think about before making the decision to buy any of these fish finders. Make sure that the products you want to buy are compatible with the platform of your devices. Most of the apps could run on both Android and iOS so if you do not have an absolutely obsolete device, they should just work.

If you have the intention of ice fishing, consider the products that come up with flasher capacity and could work with low temperatures.

Deeper Fish Finders

The products from Deeper have a weight of 100 grams and the diameter of 6.5 centimeters. They have lithium polymer batteries of 3.7 volts, having the capacity of usage for up to six hours with a two-hour recharge via the 110/240 volt micro-USB charger. They are made from ABS plastic, compatible with Android 4.0, iOS 8.0 or newer.

They could work in the temperature from – 20 to 40 C. Their sonar sensors could measure the depth of 40 meters or 50 meters with wide sonar beam. The connection range of Bluetooth is 50 meters.

The transducer works with 290 kHz frequency for high details of a small area or 90 kHz for a bigger area. It comes with a water temperature measurement sensor.

They include Boat Mode that you could use with boat, canoe or kayak, allowing you to see the bottom topography and seek the best areas for fishing. They also have Flasher mode for ice fishing with a real-time view of the column on your fishing hole. You could use the split display to track both LCD and Flasher for the bottom and column simultaneously. They could also display the water column in a real-time manner so that you could get a better idea of what is under the hole.

Fish Hunter PRO

The finders from Fish Hunter PRO have a weight of 155 gram, could see the depth up to 45 meters or 50 meters with a wide beam. The products come with two different connection technologies: WiFi and Bluetooth. With WiFi, the signals could reach farther and quicker than with Bluetooth.

Their transducer operates on Tri Frequency of 675, 475 and 381 kHz, giving you products that work on smartphones but close to the CHIRP sonar units.

Their batteries could be recharged via USB cable, providing up to 500 hours of standby time or 10 hours of usage time.

Finders from Fish Hunter PRO have some distinctive features like FISH or RAW view. With the RAW view mode, you see the traditional feedback on your screen. The FISH view gives you a clearer clutter instead of a picture of the water column and does not have the reverb from the RAW view. You will see the fish icons when it senses disturbance instead of just raw sonar feedback.

iBobber Smart Fish Finders

The fish finders from iBobber have the weight of 55 gram, the lightest of the three finders here, and the diameter of 7.6 centimeters.

They could sense the depth of 41 meters or 71 meters with the wide beam of 42 degrees. Their batteries could last for 10 hours in one charge. Their connection range is just 30 meters, the shortest here.


They come with GPS Tag and Trip Log features, enabling you to save and share your favorite locations in smartphones. They also have a lunar calendar inside the app, allowing you to to track the moon effects on fish habits and water depth.

The iBobber Fish Finders have the similar view to FISH view of Fish Hunter PRO, but their fish icons have two sizes, based on if they are smaller or larger than 38 centimeters.

The companion app is compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 6.0 and newer and it uses the Bluetooth SMART technology.


Out of three fish finders listed here, I’d have to select the Fish Hunter PRO based on its feature. The DeeperFish units are made in Europe, the DeeperFish Hunter PRO in Korea and the iBobber is from China.

The most popular complaint of these units is that the connection is not stable and easy to lose. But in the water environments like a lake, you should expect such things to happen. You should also try to follow your manufacturer instructions on other issues. One of the possible solutions is charging your units fully instead of using it with low batteries.

We really hope that you now have a clearer view of an iPad fish finder or mobile fish finder in general.

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