Traveling During Holiday Season Tips

The holiday season is the busiest one in the United States when millions of Americans travel across our country to get home before the holidays and go to their yearly trips while combating general stress, crowds and high airfares in the meantime. This article includes many Christmas travel tips that will guide you through this time of the year.

With the correct attitude and a little preparation, you could survive any airport or delay this season puts in your way. Tips, tricks, travel cheer, this guide will have common mistakes happen during the season, Christmas gifts on travel, booking tips, travel advice.

Booking Tips



Do not procrastinate. It might sound very obvious, but the best method to buy the flight ticket you want is starting early. In the holiday season, you will find it difficult and little flexibility to book the day you want.

Research. Do the research on the flights like your holiday gifts. Compare the prices between different airlines, with a bit of luck you will find an outstanding deal.

Deals. Follow newsletters, social media pages to get the best travel deals out there. Sometimes there will be flash deals so make sure you will not miss them.

Consider alternatives. You should be flexible whenever you can: destination, arrival and/or departure airport, travel dates, etc. Check and consider all the options you could before any decisions to save money and especially the stress during these busy days.

Remember the numbers. Bring the number of the travel vendors, the rental company, hotel and the airline so you could make a call quickly when you need them.

Packing Tips

Use carry on bags. Try to pack everything you bring into a carry on bag to save time. In the best case use a small bag to you could skip the luggage check in. This process is a time consuming one. A small bag also makes it easier to help you with security and getting into the plane. An oversized bag will increases you fees and make the TSA officials, gate agents not be generous with you while you are making the security and the boarding process slow down.

Bring an additional bag. Prepare a duffel bag for the gifts you are going to receive so that you could a place to pack them. One carry on bag and another additional bag is the best situation and the most cheap way you could imagine in the return trip.

Use the heavier clothing. Wear the heavy sweater or the overcoat you are packing instead of packing them into the bags to save some space and fees.

Bring snack. The long lines you will see at the airport shops or restaurants means you might need to wait for some time. Bring you snack so that you have something to eat during the flight, delays or layovers. And typically they are cheaper than the food you buy at the airport.

Bring hand sanitizer. This holiday season for many people is also a sniffly time in the year. Bring a lot of hand sanitizer to clear the germs off your hands.

Bring entertainment. Waiting and delays are very common during this season. You should alternative medias of entertainment other than your smartphones in case when they run out of power.

Keep the essentials. Pack anything you want to be quickly accessible into the carry on bag instead of the extra bag because you will not able to use them in case of a delay.

Remember the earplugs or headphones. Remember these cozy and unique options. They will be useful in your flight and when the flight is canceled or delayed.

Gifts Tips

Do not pack your gifts. Packing gifts will force you to have a look at your luggage constantly and waste a lot of space. Ship your Christmas gifts before so you could have them when you arrive.

Packing. If you still want to pack the gifts, pack them well with a lot of padding like sweaters, towels, bubble wrap to protect them from uncareful handling.

Do not wrap your gifts. Do not wrap the gifts until you get to the destination so that you could get your luggage through the airport security as they will unwrap your gifts to check them.

Check the duty-free. Many international airports have duty free shopping area so you could go to and buy a lot of goods at cheaper prices.

Avoid a jam. Consider shipping jams and jellies with presents to avoid to throw the coveted jams away before you flights. Store all gels and liquids in three ounce containers.

Pie. Cookies, pies are normally allowed into carry on bag. Just get ready for the detailed inspection of those goods.

Before leaving your house

Stay healthy. You will not want to be sick during travel. Get three or four good nights before the flight.

Check the flights. It is pretty common for you to forget to double check the flight status. Remember the airline number so that you could call you in case of cancellations or delays. This will prevent you from waiting in a busy line.

Check in your flight online. All airlines have the options to check in your flight online by your smartphones. You could use this method to save a lot of time.

Charge your devices. Make sure that your electronics and smartphone have full charges.

Leave early. You should able to avoid the seasonal chaos when you arrive early.

The airport

Travel apps. Most airlines have app that sends you the cancellations or delays, wait times, in terminal meals, gate information.

Family lane. You do not need a real family to actually use the family lane. Use it if you want special needs, avoid the looks from other travelers.

Call your airline. Do not come to your airline counter in case of a delay. Call them directly if you want a faster service.

Positive attitude. Make friends, keep your smile.

Give yourself a lot of time, make a careful plan and take our Christmas travel tips, you will enjoy the flight and have an amazing holiday season.

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