The Special Thing About Racing Formula One In Japan

The workers went red arrow snaps in this television immediate existence. F1 fans, maybe we are one of the happiest people in this time.  We know for yourself in the world of Formula 1 racing (Formula 1 – F1) is a “hand” completely and utterly curious. But deep in the heart of a traveler, the F1 has always been our experience that most want travelers on the way theater and it came true in Suzuka, Japan.

1. Affinity for Suzuka

Before the start of the race more than a week, all tickets were sold out seats or longer, the price is too high to take me to the choice of free tickets to sit in the western area of the Suzuka race.  Tickets worth 9520 yen (190 dollars) are sent by mail with information very clear details on the date and time, the region, the accompanying service made us feel more secure before you leave Street.  Suzuka race track is located just a Nagoya Mie Prefecture a (city located in central Honshu) an hour near the ship. This is one of the racecourses had difficulty following the assessment racers but it also makes them feel excited by conquest.
Idol of many fans F1 racer Michael Schumacher is the record holder for most wins at Suzuka stage (6) and fellow legendary German racer Sebastian Vettel is far behind with 4 steps up to the podium to win races. Snowman Finland is also a very favorite racer will be available in 2015 Sukuza with sweet memories of wins stage turns 10 years ago (2005) when starting at No. 17.  Formula 1 race at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan lasted 3 days, 25/9 dedicated to training, 26 training morning and afternoon race classification and race official from 14h 27/9.

2. The road to Suzuka Circuit

26/9 morning, to catch the morning train to Nagoya station for directions to Suzuka Circuit. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the next city and the exchange Yokaichi a train again about 20 minutes to the Suzuka Circuit for 1,060 yen for distances of more than 60km.  The train stopped at the station slowly Suzuka Circuit Ino and solid caravan walking dragon hanging flags banners roads have been prepared. 1.5 km further loss, to hit up the gateway Suzuka Circuit.
Japan was held at the Suzuka F1 race 26 times, everything seemed so familiar. The staff stood scattered everywhere and always smile at strangers, to tell them thanks and bowed politely. Program and detailed maps are printed in Japanese and English descriptions of events and schedules during the Japanese race.

3. The First F1 Experience

As soon crowd the stands area space V1 is filled with booths of famous teams such as Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Honda. It is hard to resist the appeal of the clothes, hats, headphones, keychains, car eye-catching models.  New at about 10:30 am but a lot of people bag full of gifts both hands. Many young people buy the uniform of the team, always try and put in place. Everyone faces eager. Quite a number of children by their parents to go to experience the race lead and a number of pregnant women is confident that Ferrari wearing red shirts strode at the racetrack.
The ticket is located in the western region (West Area) from the main stand V1 should have to walk about 20 minutes more to arrive. 26/9 morning session is from 12h to 13h running set and the audience has soon filled the rows of seats on the sidelines and sitting areas, free.  To choose the first corner of the bend and after about 15 minutes, then realized this is not the ideal place to take pictures and watch the cars are roaring down there. But since feeling the first time to see the F1 car dashed off like a shot, known as the engine roars and even crabs just off sparks on the road made me like the world caught up in the car and only the soundbar grating.

4. Some Other Interesting Things

After the break, so decided to take better angles at the center of the corner and waiting. Many tourists in this area have come before, they undergo a small canvas, brick or block to backpack up and go buy food or nipper around the racetrack.
Mobile toilets are located everywhere, including hand washing faucets decent. Smoking areas are located far from where people sit and recommendations about keeping the minimum decency included in maps printed paste simultaneously in many places. The mobile worker trumpet reminds people getting up to go to remember to bring your entire map, and especially do not leave the canvas. What an atmosphere and a very Japanese style of the event.
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