What You Should Wear When Playing Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports in America for different genders and ages. There are thousands of people who join to play this sport every day. In case you are among these people, you need to prepare a lot of equipment and gear before you come to the golf course such as club and golf laser rangefinder.
One more thing that you need to buy new and prepare before you are ready to play is your clothing. Unlike any other sport, golf has its own dress code or golf attire etiquette which golfers need to follow strictly.
The main reason for why there are many golf courses require a strict dress code in golf is to maintain the sport’s tradition as well as its charm toward outsiders. Here is the list of what you should wear when you come to a golf course:

1/ Collared Shirt

Traditionally, men are required to wear shirt with collar and this has not change a bit even in the new days. For women, the option of the shirt seems to be wider as they can choose to wear with or without collar.
In most of the cases, you should not wear t-shirt or tank tops.
Although you don’t have many options when it comes to the design of the shirt, you can choose different materials including cotton and polyester. Whatever you are going to choose, pick one which gives you comfortable and well ventilated.

2/ Shorts And Pants

In case you choose to wear shorts, the length of them needs to meet your knee area. For men, you can wear shorts and pants. For women, besides there two types of bottom, they can choose to wear capris and dress skorts.
Like collared shirt, you can also choose the material of your shorts and pants from various types including cotton and khaki. However, Jeans are not allowed in the course field as they are considered very informal.

3/ Shoes

There is a wide range of selection of shoes which are made specifically for golf players. Make sure you don’t opt for other sports shoes since they might not offer the comfort and support you might need on the golf field.
In addition, you should pick shoes with soft spikes as many golf courses now ban the use of the metal spikes on your shoes.
Normally, the choice of wearing sneakers and running shoes is acceptable. However, you should avoid wearing flip flops, sandals, and boots as they are not permitted on the golf field.

4/ Hats

Hats are one of the most common clothing accessories I have seen in the golf course. They are extremely important to protect your eyesight under the harsh sun light.
You can choose the option of a hat that looks like a baseball hat or a visor.
Some dressy and fancy hats such as Fedora hat and gag hats are not allowed in all of the playing field.

5/ When It Is Colder

The 4 main items above are what you need to wear in all types of seasons. In case it gets colder in the winter, you can consider wearing layers for your top.
The outer layers which are allowed in most of the golf course are sweater and golf jacket, which are lightweight but will keep you warm well.
Overall, the rule of wearing in golf is not so complicated. To make sure, you should always check with the manager of the golf course you are going to play in about its dress code so that you can dress correctly.
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